InfoservDD hosts a plethora of features that promotes an all-inclusive system. In a very brief overview, the primary areas of InfoservDD are:

Service Recipients

  • Personal Demographics
  • Off-line Documentation
  • e-MAR and HL7 Interfaces/Integration
  • Real-time Documentation
  • Service/Support Plans


  • Personal and Employment Demographics
  • Training Tracking
  • Time Tracking

Provider Agency and Sites

  • Company and Site Demographics
  • Procedural Information
  • Safety Assessment Documentation


  • Accurate billing process
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Pharmacy Connection

Pharmacy Connection

InfoServDD.com allows caregivers to track medications and doctor’s orders. Before Pharmacy Connection, we required all new medications and orders to be entered manually in the system. Since pharmacies already have all of the medications on their systems, we have partnered with them to automate this process by securely transferring information into InfoServDD.

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Direct Care Pro

Direct Care Pro

Direct Care Pro allows users to work off-line in case the Internet is down or is unavailable. A one-time download of the desktop application gets you started. As soon as an Internet connection is found, the application synchronizes the data saved locally to our central database. (The local database is encrypted.)

Enterprise Infoserv

Multi-program Management

Organizations managing multiple programs in multiple locations can utilize the features of Enterprise InfoServ in order to bring everything together into one system. In addition to Developmental Disabilities, programs include Housing, HIV, Veterans, Sr. Citizens, Abused Women, Halfway Housing, Substance Abuse and more. HR and time tracking features can be managed from the main office, saving thousands of dollars in costs. Case management services are documented specifically for each program. Employees can work in multiple programs but have access only to what applies to the program they are working on at the time.